Email Marketing Services

Our Email Marketing Solution

Email marketing is a most effective way to keep customers and prospects coming back to you. Use attractive, professional email communications to stay in touch with clients and prospects to build strong customer relationships. Much better and more effective than regular email or traditional paper mailshots.

Regular Customer Communication

Email newsletters are a cheap effective way of sending newsletters to customers to ensure you are regularly on the mind of your customer and can showcase your total range of products.

Target Customers and Prospects

With email marketing you can analyse your responses to build smaller customer lists based on their preferences to get the most effective messages across and increase your sales.

More Customer Referrals

Increase the size of your customer database by encouraging clients to refer you to their contacts. Make it easy for people to sign up to your mailing list by including a join our mailing list link on your communications.

Tracking your Email Marketing

Track who reads and responds to your mails, see who opend your emails, who forwarded them. You can also see who is interested in specific areas of your business.

Cheaper and Easier than Direct Mail

our email service is affordable for any small business - prices start as low as £25 per month. You can send as many permission based emails as you want at the same monthly price. Saves printing costs, postage costs, envelopes and administraion.

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Market and Fill your Events

By combining email marketing with facebook and twitter you can publicise and fill your events more easily by sending direct invatations to the event and allowing people to sign up online.

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