About Us

Dotsmart have been developing web solutions for more than 10 years and during this time have developed a set of products designed to help our customers market their businesses on the internet.

Our key staff are:-


I'm an enthusiastic IT professional who has been designing and developing computer systems and services for many years. My passions are computing, sport, travel and languages. These days I largely confine my active sport to occasional rounds of golf.



I'm a technology enthuthiast with a wide range of IT skills gained over the years in many places. Always ready for a challenge, I enjoy using technology to solve problems. I enjoy travelling and walking, ideally somewhere near the sea with plenty of sunshine.



My passion is design and after spending my early years designing clothing and packaging I discovered designing for the internet. This has since allowed me to use my design skills in lots of new ways. I enjoy holidays in the sun with my husband and two children.


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